I had the privilege and good fortune to be born
and the awareness of living
without living in a perfect way.
In some moments, however,
I have felt close to perfect harmony.
The first time
I got there momentarily and by chance.
Then, by observation and training
I tried to understand the formula
of those precious moments,
multiplying the presence of them
to make my life richer and richer.
I like to think that each of them
has within itself the potentiality
that is human and at the same time divine
to live progressively
up to higher levels.
This possibility exists
and manifests itself through a path
that I have tried to describe.
If only one single being
benefits from these words,
I will be happy to have written them.

Sergio Bianco

CENC. The Second Principle

CENC. Il Secondo Principio

The second fundamental principle of Life has the name CENC.
CENC contains the initials of the motto "how and not what." [“come e non cosa”]
Since it is "not what", CENC is not found in material aspects.
CENC is not found in riches or in poverty,
in health or in sickness,
in good or bad,
in victory or defeat,
in the short or the long,
in the small or the large,
in hot or cold,
in being or not being,
in having or not having,
in acceptance or change
in the static or the dynamic,
in slowness or speed,
in solitude or in company,
CENC is not related to the place,
to the environment
to society,
to the family,
to the historical period,
to weather conditions
to natural phenomena
to profession,
to activity,
to politics,
to religion,
to age,
to space,
to time,
CENC is neither linked
to sacred values ​​such as Peace, Justice and Freedom.
Since it is "not what", CENC is not linked to anything
and depends on nothing.
CENC cannot be bought and has no price.
CENC, although it cannot be obtained through material things,
appears in relation to various aspects of Life
that always balance the harmony between positive and negative.
CENC is disclosed by affinity or contrast.
CENC exists.
CENC is accessible and within everyone’s capacities.
CENC is not the "thing" itself
but the "how", the way in which it is lived.
It is just the way everything is experienced
that brings about the perfection of CENC.
CENC is "how and not what."

CENC is not the first principle.

Thanks to many Masters
we receive the impulse, the direction and the momentum to grow
and to carry on alone,
just like resplendent Suns.

Orange. The Third Principle

Arancia. Il Terzo Principio

The third fundamental principle of Life is named ORANGE
I like to think that the vital sphere of each person
is an orange divided into segments.
The number of segments varies individually.
For example an orange
can consist of twelve segments:
health - love – physical form - nature -
work - money - spirituality – helping others -
home - family - art - friendship.
Other oranges are different
and consist of five, seven or ten segments.
Each orange, just like each person,
contains the potentiality of perfection.
The segments are separated by a thin membrane
and together constitute a single fruit.
Union and separation, closeness and distance, fluidity and solidness
coexist in the same fruit.
Each segment is a shapeable section
which can condense or expand
to occupy almost the entire volume of the fruit.
When this happens, temporarily
other segments do not lose importance
but adapt to the area created by the circumstances.
For example, if a friend needs help,
the segment of friendship will temporarily occupy
a predominant space, but this will not take away value
or attention from other sections of the orange.
Every person has the control and responsibility
for the harmony of their own orange
and the balance between the segments that are part of it.

The definition of our own essence of orange
and the name of its segments
is the key to personal balance.
Simply thinking about it is useless.
We need to write it down, turn it into a symbolic diagram
and go beyond the limits of the symbol itself.

Ray. The Fourth Principle

Raggio. Il Quarto Principio

The fourth fundamental principle of life is named RAY.
The ray is the extension of the orange in space and time.
The origin of the ray is the heart of the orange.
The origin of the ray is at the same time
also the centre of each person
with his or her strength and infinite potentiality.
The origin of the ray is like the colour white:
the sum of the colours.
The origin of the ray is like a point of light:
stronger than the darkness that surrounds it.
the origin of the ray is like silence:
lying calmly at the centre of the hurricane’s eye.
The origin of the ray is the centre of one’s personal universe
that coexists with the infinite personal universes of other beings.
The position of the origin of the ray within the body
varies from person to person according to their sensibility.
It can be found at the centre of the chest,
in the middle of the forehead, below the navel,
in the dominant eye, in the helix of the keener ear
or at other points.
To understand it just listen carefully.
Regarding the origin of the ray
it is important to determine its exact location.
This allows perfect alignment of the ray itself
with external phenomena, or the connection
between the inner world and the outer world.

The Orange contracts and expands in space and time
extending its ray at the same time
into the present, the past and the future.
The extension of the ray of the orange is
due to the alignment between the origin of the orange
and an external source of support called CLICK.
The click is simply a bridge
and allows the ray to expand to infinity.
Click occurs in a variety of ways
always different depending on personal perception.
It manifests, for example, in the form of a tree,
in the form of an animal,
in the form of a cloud
in the form of a bell,
in the form of a white stripe,
in the form of an airplane,
in the form of a bird,
in the form of speech,
in the form of teaching,
in the form of example,
in the form of provocation,
in the form of shock,
in the form of music,
in the form of a dream,
in the form of a memory,
in the form of smell,
in the form of colour,
in the form of sound,
in the form of an unusual event,
in the form of affinity or contrast,
especially in the form of a symbol.
The CLICK has a particular symbolic meaning
only for the person who grasps it
and has value at the precise moment the person
is able to grasp it and connects with it.
The click then becomes the point of symbolic support
that engages the dynamic of the extension of the ray
and of the expansion of the orange.
The ray, the click and the alignment
are always in relation to the surrounding world.

The ray of the orange is a linear flow
which proceeds in two directions:
from the origin to the outside and from the outside towards the origin.
The expansion of the orange and its "breath"
is the most profound and widest meaning of love,
of participation and joy.

For example, between two people in love,
in a few precious moments, the phenomenon of the click,
alignment and extension of the orange takes place.
Thanks to CENC, it is possible
to achieve this state not only in love
but also in all other segments of the personal orange.
It is possible to reach this state, for example,
thanks to the generosity and the joy of helping others
without personal gain.
But above all thanks to the way in which we live
the small actions of everyday Life, positive or negative.
Paradoxically CENC may appear
even in defeat, in destruction, in illness,
in tragedy, in war and in the most terrible situations.
In these dramatic circumstances people
can sometimes bring forth
with extraordinary, unexpected and unexplained strength
the splendor of their divine essence
through love, solidarity, friendship and sharing.

A tree that grows vigorously from a crack in the rocks
inverts the superficial rules of luck, logic and
of ideal living conditions
and becomes a Shining Example.

Poem. Embrace

Poesia. Abbraccio

There are two ways
to unite the left hand with the right.
The first is before our eyes:
It goes through the wrists, the arms,
the shoulders, the chest and our heart.
The second is invisible
and its length is incalculable.
It goes through the sky, the earth and the sea
and lets you feel the world in your hands.
By taking this second path
you discover that small and large,
near and far,
before and after
are the same thing.

Yn. The Foundamental Formula

Y elevato alla potenza n. La Formula Fondamentale

The foundamental formula of life is Yn.
Y to the nth power.
Y represents the crossroads and the choice between two possible solutions.
It is wise to think that we always choose
according to pleasure or pain.
These are the major impetus that brings about change.
Life, second by second,
is a continuous thread that develops based on decisions
that the person takes in each moment.
The choice is an A-B binary code
that arises in the presence of junction Y.
Every choice determines the fate of the individual.
In this sense, for example,
two people created paradoxically with the same DNA,
after a few moments of Life,
will no longer be similar people:
they will be different people
if, at the first intersection, they will have made different decisions.
The Life of each person
is the sum of continuous choices and decisions
taken with the occurrence of events.
Since CENC is "not what", it does not depend on material things.
However, it is important to work carefully with the choices
that arise in the face of the innumerable junctions.
Love, family, children, friends, home, work, schedules,
the environment, society, education, nutrition,
spirituality, play, relationships,
fitness, well-being,
are the result of our progressive choices
that bring us day by day
to be the person we are.
Life is a continuous thread
that develops and manifests itself in relation to our choices.
The wrong choice in love, for example,
deprives us of the opportunity to be free, open,
and then takes away the joy and the ability to find later
the partner or the perfect companion for our hearts.
The wrong choice in our work deprives us of the possibility
to devote time and energy to do
what we really want to do in Life:
our Personal Mission.
Then the wrong choice affects the present and the future.
For this reason the choices made in childhood
are fundamental
because it is in childhood that the segments of our ORANGE
take shape and are determined.

An evolved society, provided it is really desired,
is forged and developed in the early years of Life
when natural instinct or teaching foster
the Art of the Game.

The Art of the Game

L'Arte Del Gioco

The Game is based on rules and exceptions.
The Game combines seriousness and lightness.
The Game is growth and learning.
The Game uses what is, and what is not is invented.
The Game gives value to the individual and the group:
in general, if you feel good about yourself
(if you know how to play on your own)
you can also be comfortable with others.
The Game is based on participation and magic:
in the game, half a floating walnut becomes a sailboat.
The Game is the field in which you cultivate your passions.
With time the Game changes.
The person who repaired bicycles becomes a mechanic,
the person who cared for animals becomes a doctor,
the person who loved trees becomes a gardener.
Every trade and every profession has its origin
in a genuine passion closed within our hearts.
With its growth, the game turns into a trade,
a profession, a philosophy of Life.
These types of work, comparable to forms of Art,
are not a cause of boredom, fatigue or stress,
they are a source of joy,
joy in one’s commitment and even in one’s toil;
they generate wealth, spiritual energy
and benefits for themselves and for others.
Work becomes the carrying out of one’s Personal Mission:
a benefit for oneself and for the community, and
in the broadest sense of the term,
for small or large village in which we live.
I like to think that the world
simply needs people
that undertake with passion, courage,
determination and love
the work for which they were born, their Personal Mission,
in order to honor in the most profound way
the unique and unrepeatable gift of Life.

"Who is there is there and who is not there is not there."

1440. Impartial Time

1440. Il Tempo Imparziale

1440 are the minutes that make up the day.
The weather each day is impartial, equal for everyone.
The phrase "I don’t have time" is meaningless
because all beings,
from the frenzied business man to the peaceful relaxed lover,
have access to the same amount of time each day.
Generally we do not know
the length of our lives in terms of days.
However, we can focus our attention
on the quality of each of the 1440 points
making each minute an unforgettable
point of colour or, if we prefer, of no colour.
The use that each being makes of their precious time,
even if limited or suddenly interrupted,
is a choice of value within
the fundamental formula of life Y n.

Being born in a place has an important symbolic value.
We do not always have to distance ourselves from this origin.
Sometimes, even in the presence of challenges and lack of resources,
we can create masterpieces of Life
simply improving the conditions
of our original environment.
In this sense time is a circle.

Life. The First Principle

Vita. Il Principio Primo

The first fundamental principle of Life is LIFE.
This statement is so simple
that few people can sense it in its obviousness.
Life is the manifestation of a unique and unrepeatable event.
Life is the real solution
between infinite possibilities of non-existence, except one.

Life has sacred value in all its forms
whether belonging to the animal, vegetable,
phenomenal or ideal kingdom.
Life is a rare and precious combination.
Beings who have received this gift
have a duty to appreciate
and to honour this miracle
by transforming Life itself into a masterpiece
for themselves and for others.
The benefit for others
is closely connected to their own benefit.
The Personal Mission is closely related
to the universal vision.
If the benefit of all beings is lacking,
personal benefit becomes void.
The fullness of Life is to recognize
the most intimate part of our orange
(the source of the ray) and feel its progressive expansion
in space and time.
Following the definitions assigned previously
the origin of the ray, understood as white, light, silence,
the fullness of Life, is the same as the void.

It is wise to think that the small source of light
is always stronger than the darkness that surrounds it.
Where there is darkness, light can enter
where there is light the darkness does not enter.



LIFE is the first principle.
Without Life no other principle can exist.
CENC is the second principle.
CENC is "how and not what"
CENC is the joy of transforming into a masterpiece
even the simplest things that occur with the
positive and negative aspects of life.
CENC is understanding how to be completely responsible
through the choices of one’s own personal universe.
CENC is the awareness of being a precious part of the whole
and relating to the infinite personal universes of other beings.
ORANGE is the third principle.
ORANGE is the definition of the fundamental segments
that make up our person.
RAY is the fourth principle.
The source of the ray is the center of the orange and of our being.
CLICK is the symbolic element that ONLY we perceive
in a meaningful way.
The ray is aligned with the click
and allows the orange to expand.
Y to the nth is the fundamental formula of Life
that emerges when faced with continuous junctions,
based on continuous choices between A and B.
THE ART OF THE GAME is the easiest way
to develop and define one’s own orange
and build an evolved society.
1440 is impartial time
that every being, every day, has at their disposal
to carry out their Personal Mission
and create, on their path, a masterpiece of their own life.
A Shining Example is the capacity to invert
the negative, painful and dramatic aspects
and become a precious example for others.
CENC is within everyone's reach.
CENC is first reached randomly.
CENC is then reached more and more frequently,
by training it, just like a muscle,
to the point where CENC pervades our existence.
Perfection is not found in human beings.

Perfection is found in CENC

Sergio Bianco, Camogli, October 4, 2012